Chinatown on Pictures: The Rest and The Vicinity

Dari atas ke bawah:
1. Mosque Street yang menghadap ke New Bridge Road, 2. Ann Siang Road yang cantik, 3. Tanjong Pagar Road yang juga cantik, 4. Telok Ayer Street, 5. Amoy Street

Nagora Durga Shrine in Telok Ayer Road
Built by Chulias between 1828 and 1830, in memory of Shahul Hamid

Thian Hock Keng Temple, also located in Telok Ayer Road
Side by side to Nagora Durgha Shrine, was also known as Temple of Heavenly Happiness. This name was rather ironic as a slave trade was reputedly carried out here in the 1850s.
This temple is the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore and the most important temple for Hokkien Buddhist. Chinese immigrants used to offer thanks to Ma-Zu-Po (or Ma-Cho-Po), Goddess of Seafarers, for a safe voyage at a joss house here as early as 1821.


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