My Birthday Wish!

“Inginku bukan hanya jadi temanmu.
Atau sekedar sahabatmu…”

Yovie & The Nuno

Hello, Mr. Engineer!
Do you hear me? I’m talking to you…

*eh…kok malah nyanyi lagi… :mrgreen:

Notes notes:
#1 Kalau ada yang komentar atau bertanya, kenapa saya bisa seberani ini menuliskan isi hati, jawabannya adalah…

#2 Oh and anyway, in case there’s anyone who doesn’t know, or forgot, or doesn’t care enough, my birthday is on the THIRD of MARCH, not the second nor the first 😆


2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish!

    • ukechin says:

      Thank you Sha *kisskiss*
      The same prayer goes for you and family too yaaa…
      Cemungudh ya kakak, di amerika sono :mrgreen:

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