Me the Wedding Hopper

Seorang rekan kerja menikah. Seorang sepupu menikah.

I really really in love with Teh Chicha’s kebaya. It’s so pretty and classy. Her make up was perfect and everything was so well handled! Glamorous! Such a wedding!!!

Thumbs up to the wedding organizer for they professional work. Romantic and elegance in between. Love it!!!

And the respective guests!!! We’re just sooo adorable and cute! :mrgreen:
I love my foundation! Yeay!!! *i did my make up and hijab myself, you know*

Keluarga besar Thalib di pernikahan Uni Nisa

And this is for the last…

The wedding hopper, setelah sampai kembali di kos :mrgreen:

To Teh Chicha and Uni Nisa,
Barakallaahu lakuma wa baraka alaikumaa wa jama’a bainakuma fii khaaiir… 🙂


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