No Thank You

…and now i know how it feels to be unappreciated, by the way.
I try not to care, i try hard to ensure myself that i work for God.
I note to myself that He will give me all the things human being doesn’t give…

…i’m only human though.
I’m indeed the weak one.
Life gets hard, and when such time comes, i really want to see you.
To hear you whispering some nice and wise words, just like our old days. Hoping that it will ease my path.

…harsh words, that’s what i get now.
I try to thank God, though, no matter what, He sent me you.
Call me naive, call me lame, call me hypocrite. No one knows the truth.
So now i pray for us to have opportunity to finish our unfinished business.
To say what we left unsaid. To relieve what we have unspoken.

Sabar, Uke… Kamu harus kuat πŸ™‚

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