Here, Not There

A light talk at the Pancake Parlour with Yeni and Vika. One of them came up with some sorta bad news which made me speechless.
“How do you want to hear from me?” i asked. “Gw harus berkomentar seperti apa?”
I should be very careful in commenting the news. We girls are really sensitive with our heart. I felt sorry for her.

I really hope that next time we meet, we’ll have lots of good news to share.
Oh and by the way, makanannya sendiri rasanya biasa aja ya. Dengan harga yang bahkan sedikit lebih mahal dari Nanny’s Pavilon atau Pancious, rasanya jauh banget dari yang dua terakhir disebut. Masih acceptable sih, tapi ya gak worth it aja. It should have been better.

That was how i spent last saturday. The day when i should have had a walk at the Gardens by the Bay or perhaps enjoyed a refreshing moment at the Botanical Garden… i gathered with some good friends of mine instead.

Be patient, dear soul. Be patient. Stay prayer

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