[Snapshots] From Singapore

I’ve given some notice to a friend of mine that I’ll be spending the three days and two nights during the long weekend visiting Singapore with colleagues. I was expecting for us to have some meetings and have fun together. It remains a dream. I’ve received no replies ever since.

So I used the free time to walk around Clarke Quay, accompanying Lupita finding some stuffs in Bugis area, and at the last day, I’ve had solo walk to the Gardens by the Bay, one of many places that I actually dream to visit with my friend.

Singapore was in its dry, humid and sweating temperature at the time. And they always have some beautiful, splendid, nice corner or anything else new to capture. With all the glamorous and blended things of traditional and modern sides, I’ve always loved to explore every step of the country. I enjoyed taking pictures here and there, I adore the lamps and lightening on Diwali that has just finished one week before, and I was surprised to see Sesame Street character at Universal Studios; I love Elmo and Mr. Cookies! I also experienced the Transformers, the queue took 2 hours before we started to play, though. And I instantly feel happy when I watched the Monster of Rock; the show has replaced the bad mood I had when I saw how crowded Universal Studios at the time *that successfully hold me from playing games*

Yet, with all the things I know, the walk has never been the same. Every step of mine flew my mind to a friend of mine, someone I love. We’ve been so close in term of distance; we’re far separated in fact.

So I left Singapore with my heart left behind, Mr. Engineer.

I don’t think that I can go there again in a near future. To me, there’s too much sadness in Singapore 😉

Tour Guide: “Coba di periksa sekali lagi, masih ada yang tertinggal atau tidak…”
Saya: “Saya, saya! ‘Hati’ saya ketinggalan nih di Singapur”


4 thoughts on “[Snapshots] From Singapore

    • ukechin says:

      Iya adaaaaa *love it! LOVE IT!*
      Aduh Vik, kalo gak inget alarm dompet udah kedip-kedip “MELARAT… MELARAT…” Bisa-bisa gw kalap di gift store-nya 😆
      Itu aja udah pake beli magnet mr. cookies 3 biji, pulpen mr. cookies dan frame elmo. Huhuhu…

      Ah tapi kamu kan udah ke teddy bear museum… impas lah kita :mrgreen:

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