Adakah Yang Mau Mendengar?

Luar biasa sedih.
Sedih dan ketakutan.


4 thoughts on “Adakah Yang Mau Mendengar?

    • ukechin says:

      At the moment, i felt like being left by my friends, who mostly married, while i have a lot to tell. Now, i’m getting used to it, Sa…

      Thank you for dropping by and comment 😉

  1. Tisa says:

    Jangan merasa gitu ke….. I feel guilty.. I havent replied your email dear. I was very2 busy lately.. Sabar uke… Allah never leaves us.. insha Allah..

    • ukechin says:

      No, Sha, it’s not about you. Sorry for making you feel guilty. But i do understand how you’re struggling with school and everything. It’s not about you or Dewi or anyone. It’s other friends of mine… who is married and then become so busy just to keep in touch. And a friend of mine that… yeah, you know who i mean :mrgreen:

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