“Sebuah Pertemuan”

“Perempuan lagi ya…”

That was what he said when I first met him at Floor 24 of the Central Office, 3 years ago. He said it indifferently, looked a little bit disappointed with what management had decided, and then walked away even without looking at my eyes. I was introduced to him as the new legal officer appointed at the time.
Not so long from the moment, I landed in Bandung, and for the next 3 years, I worked with him, which in many situations, he often told me that I’m his eyes, that I have to take care of him, of my colleagues and of the institution. I remember he wouldn’t want to sign any document if such paper hasn’t gone through my review. I was happy that he trusted me, as I felt so much anger and disappointment when he cut my words in front of the meeting even when I hadn’t had said it.

“…Untuk apa orang-orang bertemu?
Orang-orang bertemu untuk menciptakan kisah indah yang menghibur hati kala resah dan gelisah.
Ingatan adalah tempat paling kokoh untuk menyimpan cerita…”
Sebuah Pertemuan – Ismail Kady

Once upon those three years, there was something really bad happened to him. I don’t know the truth, I never heard the story from both sides. I heard only from him. And really, the rumor was so massive and even abusive, but my deepest heart told me not to believe it. I just couldn’t believe it somehow. He might be sinned, but not like people accused.
So every time people asked me of what has been happened, I just told them not to 100% trust what they heard. And that basically, and above all, he’s a good man. He’s indeed a good man. That’s what I believe.

The first words he said to me in our very first meeting is most likely caused by the general perspective of what woman can do if we’re being all gathered. Gossiping, gossiping, gossiping and gossiping and even worse, backbiting. But the next 3 years it’s been proved I wasn’t and am not one of the general perspective, I’m one of a kind and he knows it.
Someone told me, somehow it made him like me more than others and even made me his favorite girl eventually. He never told me that, of course, he told it to that someone who told me.

That someone could be right. Yesterday, which was his last day with us, he called me personally. We talked not much, but it meant a lot to me. I won’t disclose it here, but one thing, he even taught and encouraged me to ‘sell’ myself in front of my new boss.

He’s now placed in Jakarta, finally gather again with his family just couple years to his retirement. So now when i said ‘Bapak’, it doesn’t refer to him again.

Because the new boss has come.

And what can I write about this new guy?
Well I have something, and surely I know something. But let it remains secret. I just know that at a moment, I’ve decided i want to stay here and grow together with this new ‘Bapak’.
You may say that I’m on my ‘honeymoon’ phase with the guy, so be it.

We’ll work it out. In shaa Allah 😉


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