Welcome!!! Let’s Meet Me!

Hello, Hi, Salaam!!!

A law graduate lost in banking industry, pretends to be a great in-house lawyer and in love with aircraft *and Mr. Engineer* 😆

According to the Druid Horoscope, i’m the willow who is masochists. It’s said that willow yearn for heartache; we feed off the suffering. I don’t think that way, though. I guess we just love our beloved ones a little too much. However, i’m truly Piscean by nature. Romantic, dreamy, trustworthy, and unrealistic.

I dream high. I dream about marrying the man i love: Mr. Engineer. Anyone knows him? No. He himself knows, tough.

I’m craving for traveling around the world. Chiang Mai, Siem Reap, Laos, the Philippines, Turkey, New Zealand, Russia, South Korea, and Europe are on my top list.
I design; i consider myself creative. I went to law school. I adore Professor Sudargo Gautama and his masterpiece. I took international law major; i never thought that i could be neither a great lawyer nor judge or prosecutor someday, though. I’m not that fashionable; i do have crush on fashion. I’m not a writer; i just can’t get myself out of telling story about my life.

I lived in Korea for two years and got my broken heart degree there. I think i learned a lot. Well, i guessed i thought so. I fall many times at the same problem, in fact.
I lack of confidence. I’m hard to handle and i make mistakes. I don’t like to be reminded. I feel a little bit insecure and i hide behind my ice-look. I’m childish and very much demanding. I don’t like to be simply listened.

Several calls me ‘Nuna’, that’s how Korean male addresses their older sister. One calls me ‘Uni’, simply because i come from West Sumatera, in which an older sister called that way. And another one calls me ‘Chagiya’, the way Korean address their loved one. I’m Indonesian and most people call me ‘Uke’ in fact. I hate racism and i’m against class divide. I’m certain only several understand my statement, am i right? :mrgreen:

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